MBT Women’s Sport Walking Shoe

MBT Women
MBT Women’s Sport Walking Shoe Detail

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MBT Women’s Sport Walking Shoe Description

This walking shoe from MBT is like no other sneaker you’ve ever worn. While its upper gives it the appearance of an ordinary shoe, there’s magic happening underfoot: The thick rubber sole is specially designed to increase the muscle activity required for each step while also ensuring a natural, comfortable, posture-enhancing gait.

MBT shoes are physiological footwear–the first footwear that has a positive effect on the entire body. MBT stands for “Masai Barefoot Technology.” Their innovative design includes a multi-layered, curved sole which makes for a unique and rewarding walking experience. The key to MBT is its patented sole structure. The shank, PU midsole with Pivot and the Masai Sensor create a soft surface that is akin to walking barefoot on springy moss or on a sandy beach. This creates a natural instabi…

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MBT Women